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Fourth IMS-FPS workshop 2014

First announcement

IMS-FPS-2014 Workshop, July 2-5, 2014, UTS, Sydney

This is the Fourth IMS-FPS (Institute for Mathematical Statistics - Finance, Probability and Statistics) workshop, it is a satellite workshop to the joint Australian Statistical Society/IMS Annual meeting, to be held in Sydney (7-10 July). The previous IMS-FPS workshops were held in 2011 at Columbia University, in 2012 at the University of California at Berkeley and in 2013 at the National University of Singapore. The goal of the workshop is to bring together leading academic experts, practitioners and junior researchers, which will highlight important contributions to mathematical and computational finance made through the use of statistics and probability.

The International Programme and Organising Committee

Xin Guo (University of California, Berkeley), Steven Kou (National University of Singapore), Alex Novikov (University of Technology, Sydney (UTS)), Philip Protter (Columbia University)

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