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Advanced Engineering Mathematics

This course provides mathematical techniques in the more advanced areas of mathematics that are of most relevance to engineering disciplines. The principal topics covered will include, linear algebra, tensors and its applications,  vector calculus, Fourier transforms, fast Fourier transforms and Laplace transformations. Applications of these techniques for the solution of boundary value and initial value problems will be given. The problems treated and solved in this course are typical of those seen in applications and include problems of heat conduction, mechanical vibrations and wave propagation. We also discuss numerical techniques in solving these problems when no closed form of the solution is accessible. Non-homogeneous cases, in particular cases with uncertainty will also be discussed.

Textbooks: 1) - Advanced Engineering Mathematics: 10th Edition, by Erwin Kreyzik .

                             2) - Advanced Engineering Mathematics: Fourth Edition, by D. Zill and W. Right.




Knowledge of ordinary differential equations, linear algebra and multivariable calculus is assumed. Besides, the students must be familiar with elementry probability and statistics and numerical techniques.

Grading Policy: 

Midterm Exam     %40

Final Exam           %60

Teacher Assistants: 



Sunday and Tuesday 13:30 to 15:00 am

Place: Class 3 in College of Mathematics Building

Fall 2016

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